The French club are desperate to get rid of Neymar but have now accepted he will only leave on loan and not for €180m.

are trying to find a solution to their Neymar problem this week.
Despite the Brazilian’s wish to rejoin FC Barcelona, it appears they are
determined to talk with everyone else before calling Josep Maria
Bartomeu. Neymar knows he is being offered around and one of those sides
was Manchester United – but they turned him down.


Before Ligue 1
begins this weekend, PSG want the situation resolved. The issues
between the management and Neymar is beyond repair and know they must
get him out before the season kicks off to avoid any further
embarrassment. They spoke to United about taking Neymar on loan and Real
Madrid have also asked about the Brazilian’s availability.

only has eyes for Barça after making the decision to leave at the end
of last season. He wants PSG to discuss a move so he can start planning
for his second stint at the Camp Nou.


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