A female gubernatorial aspirant, Princess Iye Grace Adejoh, has
explained that Kogi State has found itself in an emergency situation
that needed a female person to rescue it, saying that there could be no
better time for a female governor than now.

According to her, she
would have waited for the next four years, but for the “emergency
situations in the state,” she is contesting on the platform of the
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


“I was driven by passion into
contesting gubernatorial election in Kogi State. I am a highly ambitious
person, but this time of the day, the situation in Kogi State is an
emergency one that needed intervention by a feminist.

“In the
next four years or so, Kogi need to be rescued from the mess it found
itself because there is no way this present situation should be
tolerated further, if we must have a State.

“No well meaning
indegenes who have capacity to change the game would sit folding hands.
We just have one lifeline to save Kogi State the state and I am offering
myself as governor.

“As a married woman, my husband has lost me
now until Kogi is rescued and I commend my husband who is also not happy
with the situation in Kogi State.

“I have mobilised women to the
Villa during the late President Yar’adua to negotiate reopening of our
Universities when lecturers went on strike.”

“We laid democratic
foundation in Kogi State and we were responsible for the election of the
former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999 and the election of Alhaji
Ibrahim Idris in 2003.

“We all worked for the presidential
campaign team that produced late President Musa Yar’adua and former
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.”

She argued that the
political dynamics in Kogi State requires women who are naturally good
managers to manage the resources as well as tribal diversities for a
better society


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