Oyo State Governor, Mr. Seyi Makinde, Wednesday forwarded the Oyo State
Anti-Corruption Bill, 2019 to the state House of Assembly for
legislative action, declaring that his decision to set up an anti-graft
body was in fulfillment of his campaign promise.

Makinde, who
formally presented a copy of the draft bill to his Special Adviser,
Legislative Matters, Hon. Samuel Adejumobi, for onward transmission to
Oyo State House of Assembly, further restated his resolve to waive his
immunity to appear before the anti-corruption agency if he is found
wanting in any way.


A statement by the Chief Press Secretary
to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the governor also
charged permanent secretaries in the state to be accountable as the
purse-keepers of Oyo State.

He declared that those who would want
to politicise his move to set up the anti-corruption agency should
think twice because according to him, corruption knows no political

According to the governor, corruption does not edify a
state but promotes stagnation, adding that “and we want Oyo State to be
out of stagnation.”

“We are here to sign for transmission to the
legislature, the executive bill for anti-corruption in Oyo state. We are
transmitting the bill today in fulfillment of a promise that I made
during the campaign that during my watch in Oyo state, it will be
zero-tolerance for corruption in Oyo State.

“While I was making
my inaugural address, I also put a rider on it that as the Governor of
Oyo State, I am ready to wave my immunity to appear before the agency if
I am found wanting in the course of my duty to the people of Oyo State.

Permanent Secretaries are here, you are the purse keeper for the
ministries and the ones responsible for all the spending, of course, the
commissioners would soon be here but they are not the ones to account
for the spending in your various ministries. Of course, they will give
instructions and try to help me run the affairs of government to the
extent of our promises to the people and also the agenda of our

“But we will hold each and every one of you
accountable for the ministries that are been administered by you and I
also want to be held accountable by anyone here. I am working from the
standpoint here that nothing, absolutely nothing is hidden in this whole

“If people think they have hidden anything, it is the only
thing that they can start and finish by themselves only and I don’t
think there is anything like that in this place.

“For whatever
that has to be done, there will be one, two or three participants. So, I
can’t even start the process and finish it by myself alone. So, there
must be accomplices and people who are ready to support me to do
something that is not edifying, so if I think such things are hidden, I
will be deceiving myself and it is the same for everybody.

know people may also try to put political coloration to this, corruption
doesn’t know a political party and what corruption does is to stagnate
our development and we want Oyo state to be out of that stagnation. We
want Oyo state, just like we have always been, a Pacesetter state.

I will solicit for your cooperation and nobody has anything to fear. If
you do what you are supposed to do, nobody will witch hunt anybody. I
also want to say, if you see something, please, by all means, say
something and we will deal with the situation.”

The bill was
thereafter presented by the governor to his Special Adviser on
Legislative Matter, Mr. Samuel Adejumo for onward transmission to the
state House of Assembly.


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