The Borno State collation agent for the Peoples Democratic Party in the
last presidential election, Mr. Nicholas Msheliza, said at the
Presidential Election Petition Tribunal on Thursday that virtually all
the result sheets from the various local governments in the state were

He also said there was zero accreditation of voters in
over 200 polling units out of the 3,933 statutory polling units in the


He noted that there were a total of 5,078 ‎voting points, including the polling units.

as the 23rd petitioners’ witness at the instance of the PDP and its
presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Msheliza also said the
total votes of 911, 786 declared by the Independent National Electoral
Commission was well over the accredited voters across the state”.

cross-examination by the respondents to the petition, Msheliza, “In
over 200 polling units across Borno State, there was zero accreditation
of voters.

“Virtually all the results sheets that were brought to the state collation centre were mutilated.

was virtually no result sheet that was tendered at the state collation
centre that did not have calculation error, and I did reject most of

“The Returning Officer of the first respondent (INEC),
would always ask the local government collation officers to go outside
the collation centre to reconcile figures, add them up and when they
tallied, they should back to present them.
“The figures were wrong.”

Asked by INEC’s lawyer, Yunus Usman (SAN), to give the correct figures, he said he was not in a position to do so.

added, referring to INEC’s collation officers, “These were university
lecturers, simple arithmetic of plus and minus and they could not add
“All the results were mutilated.

“The correct results were collated by our party agents and given to our counsel.”

cross-examination by the APC’s lawyer, Adeniyi Akintola (SAN), the
witnesses maintained that “the results were already collated” before he
got to the state collation centre.

But Akintola referred him to a
part of his witness statement on oath where he stated that he “observed
in the course of transmitting the results from local government result
sheets to the state result sheets wrong figures were being entered by
INEC officials.”

When asked to reconcile the seeming
contradiction between his claim that the results were already collated
before he got to the collation centre, and his deposition that he
observed when the figures were being tendered, the witness said, “They
were merely announcing the results to the hearing of people present.”

asked if he visited the polling units in the state as the state
collation officer for the PDP, he said, “I could not have visited the
polling units because of the peculiar security challenges in Borno


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