Human right Activist, social media influencer and founder of Behind Bar Initiative, Harrison Gwamnishu, has expressed shock over a viral video of a teacher caught having sex with an underage schoolgirl.

The TheFamousNaija spotted the heartbreaking video shared by Harrison Gwamnishu where the teacher was caught red-handed in the act.

This has shocked many social media users who watched the video.

Harrison Gwamnishu shared the video and wrote:

“A school teacher having his way on this child. The school security guard caught him and informed his colleague.
Having sex with a child below 18 is a crime
Impregnating a child below 18 is a crime.
Should we fold our hands and allow these abuses to continue? #StrongerLaws
Tomorrow, the law will allow a lawyer to stand and defend this one…… #SexualAbuse
The present Government can’t protect your children. It’s you responsibility. #ProtectYourChildren”



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