A tailor has been left with many marks on his body after he
was seriously assaulted by five soldiers at S&T barracks road, Opp
MFM church, Uselu, Benin, Edo State.

According to the victim, the
wife of one of the soldiers had given him a clothe to sew but he
couldn’t, because she didn’t make herself available for measurement.

lady later sent her daughter to collect the clothe but the girl was
rude to one of his apprentices and she eventually left without taking
the clothe with her.

The client then sent her second daughter to
pick it up but the tailor insisted that the rude daughter should come so
that he could make her understand that her manner of approach was

That decision obviously didn’t sit well with their mom,
who stormed the shop to assault the tailor. However, the tailor told her
that he can’t do anything to her but would have retaliated if a man did
that to him.

The matter was later reported to her husband who is
a soldier and he mobilized his colleagues to the shop. The tailor was
then whisked away to their barracks, where he was severely beaten up.



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