The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, yesterday, accused two
governors of the South-East of concluding arrangements to hand over some
senatorial zones in their respective states to herdsmen.

assured the people of South-East that in spite of the treacherous
activities of some governors in Biafraland, it does not wish to abandon
“the critical task of confronting terrorists in our forests and bushes
in order to frustrate the deceptive governors.”


IPOB, in a
statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, alleged
that the two governors’ actions were part of the clandestine Ruga
implementation programme in the East.

According to IPOB, “it has
come to the knowledge of the great family of the Indigenous People of
Biafra, IPOB, that two PDP governors in the South-East have concluded
arrangements to hand over our land in three senatorial zones to terror
herdsmen as part of their clandestine RUGA implementation programme in
the East.

“We have also discovered that one of the governors,
along with some traditional rulers and president-general of some
communities, also connived and handed over a land belonging to
communities of his state to terrorists and their cattle.

said land has been in dispute for years between the two communities, but
now the governor has forcefully taken these ancestral lands and handed
them over to the same terror herdsmen responsible for hacking to death
of dozens of indigenes in many parts of the state without any reprimand.

message South-East governors are sending out is that terrorists are
welcomed to kill Biafrans at will and get rewarded with land for their

“Instead of apprehending and prosecuting these
marauding murderers, the governor has instead, empowered them by giving
them a Ruga settlement in his state, while publicly claiming he has not
done so.

“This level of deception from South-East governors have placed the entire Biafraland in danger of wholesale herdsmen invasion.

IPOB, cannot be dying and placing our lives in danger on a daily basis
across Biafraland, fighting well-armed terrorists with our bare hands,
only to have deceptive governors undermining our noble effort.

related to these governors or other slaves in government houses in the
East must warn them to desist from their suicidal undertaking to hand
over our land to the Islamic caliphate.

“We are equally aware
that other state governors and politicians in Biafraland are having
series of secret meetings on how to allocate our sacred land of Biafra
to terrorists for their Ruga settlement on the pretence of a renamed
National Livestock Programme, NLP, of the deceptive federal government.

are calling on all relatives, stakeholders, supporters of South East
governors and traditional rulers to warn these governors including those
in other states, to desist from this evil act of ceding our ancestral
lands to terrorists for Ruga settlement or National Livestock Programme
in any part of Biafraland.

“We will not spare any person or persons implicated in the conspiracy to Islamise Biafraland through forced settlements.”

No S’East gov gave land for RUGA Archbishop Chukwuma

Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province (Anglican Communion) Most
Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma has debunked news on social media that some
governors of the South-East geo-political zone have secretly allocated
lands to herders for RUGA settlement.

Archbishop Chukwuma made
the clarification during his sermon at the 85th birthday/thanksgiving
service for Dame Beatrice Ekwueme, wife of the late former Vice
President of Nigeria, Chief Dr. Alex Ekwueme, which was attended by
Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, former governors Jim Nwobodo,
Okwesilieze Nwodo, Sam Egwu, Peter Obi and Virgy Etiaba, the Ekwueme
family, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu, among other dignitaries.

cleric disclosed that he has discussed with the governors of the
South-East zone on the matter, adding that “even last night, I spoke
with Governor David Umahi, Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum
and most of the governors in South-South.”

He further disclosed
that he is always in touch with his host, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, and
urged the people not to misinterpret or misunderstand his efforts at
maintaining peace in the state.

“I am always in touch with my
governor here. People should not misinterpret him. People should not
misunderstand him. All that he is looking for is peace in Enugu State.
He is not looking for anywhere to give anybody land. What he is saying
is that nobody is looking for violence in Enugu State.

“Let me clear this; no governor in the South-East has agreed that there will be any land for RUGA settlement.”

We’re ready, MASSOB tells northern youth group

a related development, groups have continued to attack the Northern
youths group that issued 30 days ultimatum to the Federal Government to
implement the suspended controversial RUGA project, dismissing their
call as a dream that could not be realised.

Movement for the
Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, blamed the
emergence of RUGA issue on what it called “the hypocrisy of the APC-led
Federal Government of President Muhamnadu Buhari.”

MASSOB, in a
statement by its leader, Uchenna Madu, said Biafrans are not worried
about the plan to implement the policy in Biafraland or any part of
South-East,” insisting that they have “mapped out strategies to
dismantle such implementation.”

MASSOB made it clear that they
would not allow any Fulani herdsmen settlement in any part of the Igbo
land and Biafra land in general”.

According to MASSOB “the
policies of the administration of Buhari led federal government since
its inception in 2015 which has been planned to favoured his Fulani
kinsmen at the detriment of Nigerians and his insincere Nigerian unity
quest has justified our agitations and other pro-Biafra groups for the
Sovereign State of Biafra.

“MASSOB therefore, demands that
President Buhari President Buhari disown the ultimatum of the Northern
youths, arrest their leaders, and make them face the wrath of the law
before Nigerians will take him seriously in the fight against

Also, the coalition of south-east youth leaders,
COSEYL, in its own position made known by its leader Chief Goodluck Egwu
Ibem, described the ultimatum as an insult on Nigerians and called for
the immediate arrest of the leaders of the group.

They called on
the Northern leaders to disown the people made the call and ensure that
they were arrested to make Nigerians believe that the people were on
their own and not acting with the support of the elders.

“It is
unfortunate that since this ultimatum was issued the Presidents attack
dogs who act as his media aides, have shamelessly and surprisingly kept
sealed leaps on the acceptance or no acceptance of the ultimatum,
confirming our indisputable position that the ultimatum was sponsored by
the presidency, to give Nigerians and the world the

the wrong
impression that some people are happy and ready to accept the Ruga
settlement policy when in actual sense it is being forced down the
throats of the states and people who are alleged to be accepting it.

Attack us and get reprisal, Igbo town unions dare Fulani agenda

reacting to the ultimatum, Igbo communities have challenged herdsmen to
once again attack any part of its territory and see if they would leave
to tell the story of what they would see as a reprisal.

The Igbo
native communities also said that they view the 30-day ultimatum given
to President Mohammadu Buhari by the coalition of Northern Group to
implement the RUGA initiatives as an indirect ultimatum by another
Islamic Terrorist organization in the making to the areas they want to

The communities have however agreed that no part of
Igbo land would be sold to any masquerading Fulani herdsman in the guise
of ranching, colony or grazing of their cows.

The Igbo
communities made the resolutions at the Association of South East Town
Union, ASETU, meeting in Enugu, where the union also hosted Ala-Igbo
Development Foundation, ADF, during the weekend.

ASETU National
President, Chief Emeka Diwe said in a communiqué of the meeting that
having observed the state of insecurity in Nigeria and particularly, in
the South East, and having noted the commentaries of many regional
social-cultural groups, that ASETU now believe that there is a serious,
deliberate and systematic agenda to bloodily Islamise, over-run, occupy
and take over some sections of the country, particularly the South East
and Igbo land.

It, however, noted that it was only a tree that
was told that it would be felled, yet it remained stationary until it
was cut down. It, therefore, urged the Igbo offenders to take note of
the story of and be wary of The Rattlesnake.

Diwe in the
communiqué said “That we decry, oppose and vehemently reject any form of
Islamisation and Fulanisation of any part of the South East region and
indeed Igbo land, or any such move that would remind us of the 1967-1970
civil war.

“We call on our Fulani and Moslem brothers to respect
our identity and descendancy as a people and to respect our territory
as Igbo nation. We caution a foreclosure of any further attacks or plans
of attack on us as this may attract reprisals.

“We caution every
Igbo community to be mindful of any proposal to buy large portions of
land in their domain. We hereby call on all Igbo Town Union Leaders to
liaise with their traditional rulers to subject such proposals and
offers to proper scrutiny as this would turn to gateways of
surreptitiously entering into our communities to carry out nefarious

“We call on all Igbo sons and daughters to be alert,
vigilant and security conscious and to rise up in defence of themselves,
their kiths and kins and the Igbo nation with whatever form and formula
available in the event of any unwarranted attack, provided it is within
the ambits of the Law.

“ASETU calls on legislators from both
chambers of the National Assembly from South East to always meet and
interact with their constituents and particularly their town unions on
matters concerning their heritage as there is a rumoured plan to
introduce bills to the National Assembly to amend the Land Use Act so as
to disenfranchise the people of their lands.

“ASETU calls on
President Mohammadu Buhari to outrightly cancel the RUGA policy. Mere
suspension as announced is a pretentious half-hearted measure designed
to douse the overwhelming national opposition and anticipated revolt. It
is also a deceitful measure to buy time and to reintroduce the policy
later after repackaging.”

Source:- Vanguardngr


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