A lady has been nabbed in Delta after stealing the plasma TV of a
hotel.According to report,the lady lodged with her boyfriend in the
hotel before stealing the TV.Below is what Sapele Oghene shared in

‘Report reach us for studio say na one girl wey dem
call Laurenta nai be the new big thief for town now. Na she and her
boyfriend nai dey do the thief. Dem Lodge for KEVLYN HOTEL for about one
week plus & dem finally decieve the Receptionist. The thief girl
con lie say her Ole Boyfriend go still retain their rooms so that the
Receptionist nor go quick check room & know the havoc wey dem
commit. She come use level say she dey sell clothes when she come Lodge
the first day, na the bag wey she form say na clothes nai she dey sell,
nai she use take carry the hotel plasma TV when dey attached to this
update so. She put the tv inside “Ghana Must Go Bag” take discharge.
After about  3 Hours, nai the guy come move say him dey go buy something
under heavy rain as him still thief the hotel towel, Umbrella & key
too. Na one week later wey the management con put eye down do their
home work dem con locate the girl sister, she con say her thief sister
nor dey stay with her again she even say the Laurenta go still thief
about N800 or N900 thousand naira for Governor Hotel from one guy wey
carry her. Dem con arrest her & her Ole Boyfriend with plenty mark
of beat for him head, face and body. Both of dem stay for 3 Months plus
& them take the matter to Court &  almost jail her & her
boyfriend before her sister beg & pay abt N280k wey she borrow dem.
The management of Kelvyn hotel finally catch the girl for Olympia as dem
put her for car carry the thief girl to Kevlyn Hotel, nai she come dey
beg and promise to return every thing when she & her guy steal. She
con agree to the crime, then she con carry the Management of the Hotel
go Abeke Road by after Green Egbedi, by One New Hospital, She con final
bring the TV & tell dem say she use am take loan of 5k. Dem con
collect the TV  from the boys. The boys later beg & thank the hotel
management say dem nor involve police. Na the pictures  of the girl dey
attached to this update so’.



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