A family in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state has been thrown into
mourning after one of their sons, Yusuf Isiaka, was stabbed to death by
his friend, Segun Banji, over a ram betting at the Oke Oko in Isawo,
Ikorodu on Sunday August 4th.

According to reports, Banji, who resides at Number 15, Araromi
Street, Oke Oko had a N500 bet with Isiaka on ram fighting. Both men
bought rams ahead of the Muslim festival this Sunday August 11th. They
agreed that they would allow their rams engage in a fight and anyone of
the rams that loses in the fight, the owner will pay N500 to the other


The rams then engaged in a serious fight.

Trouble however started when one of them failed to give the N500 as
earlier agreed. An argument ensued between them which led to a
fight. Banji was said to have allegedly broken a bottle during the fight
and stabbed Isiaka on the left chest. Realizing that he had committed a
crime, Banji allegedly fled the scene but was fished out from his
hiding place by officials of the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps Safety
Corps (LNSC) with the help of Owutu community members.

According to reports, while the suspect was being moved to the
agency’s office at Bolade, Oshodi, for onward handover to the police, a
military officer in Ikorodu stopped the team and asked them to stay back
for the police to come and take him.

“We took the suspect in our patrol vehicle, but the military base in
the area said we should wait at their checkpoint till the police
arrive. On arrival of the Owutu anti-robbery squad, the captain directed
that we should handover the suspect to the police and we all moved down
to the station. A woman inspector was detailed as the Investigating
Police Officer (IPO),” he said

Isiaka’s body has been deposited in the mortuary. 


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