Lagos police refuses to issue report to man who narrowly escaped being
killed by a mast which took place on May 20th. According to the
eyewitness who shared post wrote;

This happen to me
on MAY 20 around 10:42am in the morning at alakuko, dalemo in front of
FO petrol station, BK LODGE, I was actually Inside the car when the
incident happened. I had to escape through the back of the car due to
security lock of the car immediately it happened, so I went to make a
report at Alakuko police station and two other stations but when they
get there they told me the man is powerful and they told me they can’t
do anything IN A COUNTRY WHERE WE HAVE EQUAL RIGHT, i can’t even repair
the car because insurance want me to bring police report, and I can’t
provide that according to the police statement, they actually use power
on me, I don’t know what to do anymore which is why I was forced to post



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