Kano State Hisbah Board has launched a manhunt on a couple who reportedly got married through Facebook, BBC Hausa has reported.


NIGERIAN reports that one Sunusi Abdullahi, a 29-year-old man from Kano
State was said to have tied the knot with a lady via Facebook, with
user name bearing Zainabu Abu, from Maiduguri, Borno State.

Abdullahi, also known as Sunusi General, bearing Facebook username as
Gen Sunus, told BBC Hausa that he jokingly proposed to marry the lady,
not knowing that the matter would be a big issue.

“It all started
from normal Facebook conversation together with other friends. She just
proposed to me that I should marry her which I obliged.

“After a
while, she sent me a private message, informing me about the marriage
that she even found a representative who would stand for her for the
marriage. Thereafter, my friend also volunteered to stand for me.

then agreed on N20, 000 bride price, which I promised to give her after
the marriage. We followed all marriage rites and the wedding took place
online,” he said.

According to Mr Abdullahi, the marriage had been greeted with massive uproar and debates on its legality or otherwise.

made me contacted Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, who confirmed to me
that the marriage is invalid because it was conducted without the
knowledge and consent of the bride’s parents,” he added.

Mr Abdullahi, however, disclosed that he is worried about the situation, to the extent that he could not sleep.

added that his real fiancée had dumped him, while the fiancée of his
‘online’ wife had also abandoned her as a result of the matter.

know we have committed a big mistake. I seek forgiveness from Allah, my
parents and the general public. Currently, I am not with my family
because my parents are furious about my actions,” he disclosed.

BBC contacted the spokesperson of Kano State Shariah Commission, he
said the commission, had directed the Hisbah board to arrest the couple
for appropriate punishment.

He said the punishment would be a lesson to others, noting that a law has reserved punishment for any offence.

NIGERIAN reports that the issue had divided clerics in the state on the
legality or otherwise of the marriage, as some defended the nuptial
bond while others rejected it, all using Quran and the sayings of
Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


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