Two students of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Ahmed Usman
and Ahmed Suleiman, have returned a missing N2.5million to the owner,
Mallam Muhammad Kudu Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, a Senior Lecturer, Faculty
of Art and Science, Federal College of Education, Kotangora, Niger
State, misplaced the cash on Wednesday last week, CAMPUSLIFE learnt.


The Federal College of Education, Kotongora, is affiliated to ABU.

Suleiman, a 300-Level student of Social Studies Education, told CAMPUSLIFE how the money was found in an open bag.

said: “It was on Tuesday (last week). The Students’ Union president and
I were driving out of the school when we saw a leather bag and, on
getting close, we realised that there was money in it.

“At first,
we were scared seeing such amount of money in an open place. Besides,
the leather bag was not zipped. I parked the car and we alighted from
it. We looked around and nobody noticed us. Then, we picked the money,
put it in the car and moved straight to the school’s security office. We
gave the security man our phone numbers and told him to contact us
should anybody complain of losing his or her valuables.”

explained that though they dropped their contacts at the security unit,
they decided not to disclose the contents in the bag.

in the morning, I heard an announcement on the FM (radio station) that
the owner of the money was looking for it. I immediately informed my
friend who asked me what we could do, and I told him that he should wait
until I get to the school.

“On getting to the school, there was a
call for us to report at the security. We went there. We were asked
what we saw. Meanwhile, the person who lost the money was with the
security man awaiting our arrival,” Suleiman further explained..

recalled how they both imagined what could be going on in the mind of
the owner when they saw that the amount in the bag was huge.

was happy deep inside me because we never entertained any fraudulent
thoughts. Naturally, different devilish thoughts jostled in our minds
but thank God we were able to overpower such thoughts and kept the money
until we saw the owner,” he said.

Kudu Ibrahim, who owns the
cash said he had already lost hope of seeing it again. He praised
Suleiman and Usman for their rare display of virtue.

He said:
“It’s true I lost some amount of money by the roadside yesterday. I
later went there to check if the money was there but, unfortunately, I
couldn’t find it. The actual amount is N2.5 million, and the money
belongs to an association which I chair. It’s a thrift and loan scheme.

complained to the security officials of the school and I was told to
wait because those who found the money left their contacts, should
anybody come for missing items. I was given back the money intact. I was
even asked to check through but I knew it was complete because it was
packed in N500,000 each in the bag.”

Nonetheless, Ibrahim promised to compensate the two students with an undisclosed amount.

The Investigative Officer of the school, Mr Olusikun Samuel, also confirmed the missing cash had been found.

very familiar with the case. It was reported to us on Tuesday at
3:30pm. I handled the matter before we knew those persons that actually
found the money which was N2.5million. I confirmed it,” he said.

a telephone conversation with CAMPUSLIFE, the Public Relations Officer
(PRO) of the school, Mr Andrew Pius Ibrahim, commended the students for
returning such a huge amount. He added that the school management was
aware of the matter.

“It’s a virtue that it’s only peculiar to
few people. Not all persons can see such amount of money and return it.
We really commend them and call on others to emulate them. It’s
something the school is so proud of,” Andrew said.


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