We are huge fans of Mocheddah and we’ve followed her in recent years as she has bloomed into a multifaceted star – from music to fashion to inspiration and more.


Mo’cheddah, known for her amazing fast rise in the music industry, has taken some time in the past years to run her clothing line as well as launch an inspiring mental awareness initiative.

Recently, Mocheddah shared her struggles with clinical depression, after which she launched a mental illness support organization, Just Be Brave Nigeria, to raise awareness for this disorder.

We can’t help but wonder what Mocheddah is going to do next; perhaps a new album – she has been sharing some of her old songs on her IG stories today, or a new collection – she’s constantly showing us fun ways to multi-style outfits.

Either way, we’re sure it’s going to be interesting as she certainly knows a thing or two about brand reinvention.

For now, take in the beauty of these newly shot photos of Mocheddah, with love from us.



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