Alibaba Calls Out Women Defending Senator Elisha Abbo

Alibaba has lashed out at women defending Senator Elisha Abbo, days
after the Nigerian police started off his prosecution over the assault
incident as a sex toy shop in Abuja. 

The ace comedian stated that the women supporting the senator
representing Adamawa North senatorial district in the wake of the
assault incident, are the reason why women get treated anyhow. Alibaba
added that such women go on to defend rape, molestation, marginalization
and even the people behind human trafficking and sex slave rackets.


He wrote; 

Some women are the reasons women are treated anyhow. They will defend
rape, molestation, marginalization, even be the people behind human
trafficking and sex slave rackets.

They will hate on their fellow women… who are doing well. Cook up
reason for such women’s success, just to make nonsense if their
success.  They will rather give a job they know a woman can do better
than any man, just so the woman doesn’t become outstanding.

They will cover up a Rape, because of the damage it will do to the family. Fear some women ooo


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